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The Vessel — Amaranth

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Introducing The Vessel, an exquisite marble container that transcends mere functionality, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with versatile practicality. Experience the seamless convergence of beauty and utility, as this marble masterpiece becomes an indispensable element of your sophisticated lifestyle.

The Amaranth Vessel embodies the epitome of luxury and sophistication elevating any space it graces. Its sleek, polished surface captures the natural white vein swirls, making each Vessel a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Inspired by brutalist architecture, The Vessel is where luxury meets practicality in the embrace of modern elegance. 


The Vessel effortlessly transitions between various roles, adapting to your ever-evolving needs. 

Place vibrant blossoms within its embrace, allowing its smooth contours to accentuate the natural beauty of flowers, infusing life and vitality into your living space. Harness its understated elegance as it cradles a glowing candle, casting a soft, intimate ambiance that breathes warmth into every moment. Channel the organizational prowess of this sculptural masterpiece, as it seamlessly holds an assortment of office supplies, bringing efficiency and style to your workspace. 



Each Vessel is truly unique, as no two are identical. Crafted from authentic Italian marble, our products showcase the natural beauty of this exquisite material.

Measurements with LID ON

H 5.9 in x W 4.92 in x D 4.17 in

H 150 mm x W 125 mm x D 105 mm

Measurements with LID OFF

H 5.59 in x W 4.92 in x D 4.17 in

H 142 mm x W 125 mm x D 105 mm

Base Measurements

Exterior Diameter: 4.92 in // 125 mm

Mid-Interior Diameter: 4.13 in // 105 mm

Interior Diameter: 3.34 in // 85 mm


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